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About Super Milk
The ESMQC began as the Empire State Mastitis Council in the mid-1970s. It was modeled after the National Mastitis Council (NMC) and had as its goal to reduce the incidence of mastitis and improve the quality of the milk produced on New York dairies. Achieving this goal benefits everyone in the milk production chain:
· For producers, it increases cow productivity and health and farm profitability. It decreases the use of antibiotics and the risk of antibiotic residue.
· For handlers, quality milk increases finished product yield, quality and shelf life.
· For consumers, they can be assured of quality milk, thereby increasing confidence in and demand for dairy products.
In the 1990s the group changed its name, but its goals remained the same: to focus the attention of producers and handlers on the importance of udder health and milk quality. It does this through education programs, collaboration with the Quality Milk Production Services (QMPS) and, of course, the Super Milk program. Begun in 1990, the Super Milk program recognizes producers that achieve quality standards – keeping their somatic cell counts below 250,000 – and operate exemplary farmsteads.
“I’m sure that all of us who were on the council at that time feel good whenever we pass a farm with the Super Milk sign,” says Dairy One’s Jack van Almelo, a former ESMQC member.
The ESMQC would like to thank all the producers who have dedicated themselves to producing quality milk, the milk inspectors with whom they work, and their handlers, milking equipment dealers and others that support milk quality
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The Empire State Milk Quailty Council believes that the keystone to all dairy food quality starts with the dairy producer. With this belief in mind the Super Milk award program was created to recognize those producers who consistently go beyond the already high quality standards maintained in New York dairy herds. Dairymen, dairy processors, and consumers all benefit from high quality milk.

The past success of the Super Milk program would not have been possible without the attention of certified inspectors, generous contributions from businesses and, of course the committment to quality by dairy producers.

Our Board of Directors come from all segments of the dairy industry. They donate their time, energy and expertise to the Super Milk program and are an important component of the program's success. They are listed below.

Our 2012 Board of Directors

Lisa Ford-Chairman Merck Animal Health Roberta Wolf - Trustee Mercer Milling Co
Andrea Walsh - Co-Chairman AHDC / QMPS Rich Lathrop - Trustee Oneida Madison Co-Op
Vickie Pedersen - Treasurer NYS Ag & Markets Betsy Hicks Cargill Animal Nutrition
Amber Brown - Secretary Dairy Marketing Services Dr. Mark Thomas Countryside Vet Clinic
Linda Young Agri-Mark, Inc. Dr. Bob Ceglowski Rupert Veterinary
Larry Bertram Hi Hope Farm, LLC Dr.Michael Capel Perry Veterinary Clinic
Whitney Davis Finger Lakes Dairy Services, Inc Dr. Paoloa Moroni AHDC / QMPS
Tonya Van Slyke NEDPA / Van Slyke Dairy Farm Kerry Case AHDC / QMPS
Chris Elliot ECOLAB Scott Steiner AHDC / QMPS
Nominee form is online for inspectors - click here for PDF copy

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